I remember

I remember that playground

I remember the coaches, the office staff too

I remember  them store trips

rain, sleet, or snow 

If I was at Bass I was with you bro


I remember getting dirty

I rememebr them fights

I remember I fought DJ on  the field

and You tried to jump in the fight

I remember nigga


I remember how we use to act

I remember how we had "old bass" against "new bass"

I remember that deceased girl brother got wrong and I had to check his ass

I remember that quater he owe'd me

I wanted my money

I remember tossing and turning in the grass

I remember nigga


I remember we got older

I remember sneaking from camp to entertain discount employees

I remember volunteerring

I remember giving back

I remember being stellar individuals in the community

I remember nigga


I remember our birthdays

We're days apart

I remember when you got into it and left Bass

That's when I started to act out

"Double Trouble" was our name

Cari use to be hating 

I remember everything

Like it happened yesterday nigga


This poem is about: 
My family


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