I Refuse To Die - an Original Stephen Nasser testimony poem


Many feel sorrow in his eyes

As I too wittiness a reprise

In death in not knowing

Whether or not his family would be showing

Searching the dark for a burning ember 

But trying hard not to remember


He had nothing left to borrow

To see the Holocaust makes me feel sorrow

To know what people then went through

As the murdering of his Aunts' baby brain by the Nazi Crew

Those sons of guns paid for their blood lust 

And those who survived the holocaust we all trust


He tried not to faint, but the memory lingers still

After his brothers death he'd be fulfilled

To see peace and comfort but only to be sent to the death room

He knew it was safe to assume

That by doing the impossible, eating a wood pole

He'd get out of there instead of being cremated into coal


Sitting in the death room

A guard soon brings him humane food

He'd not be sent to his doom

But, by gave guard some gratitude

He entered a train with a-many

Soon on their way to be executed

"I refuse to die" 

Says Stephen Nasser

I see that his story lives in me

And many others that come to see

That this part of history

Is something that shouldn't repeat

Something that should never be



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