I Really Wish to Know

I really wish to know who i am

For my story hasn't ended

but neither has it begun

I however don't waiver,

Fear or feel confused,

Because I'm the unfinished story

That's currently being written

But here is what I think I

About who am I


Mufasa is my "name",

Although it isn't

a 25 year old man,

In a 17 year old body,

And the energy 

to put a six year old to shame


A diabetic, with a penchant

for ending up as a patient.

And a volunteer who

Smiles through his troubles

and helps those do the same.


A medical studies major

At a post secondary institution

And with a hop, step, and a beat

I find myself at work

At an electronics distribution.


I'm reserved, and jubilant

Mature and childish,

Compulsive and brave

Intelligent and an idiot,

and a person with a temper,

but completely without the anger


I'm an avid reader

a chronic sleeper

a hilarious butler

and a video gamer

I'm a voice of reason

"No profanity" personality

And an educated educator


This is as unfortunately

as much as a I can gather

I look forward to the things

the continuation of "Who I am"

and I'm eagerly awaiting 

the conclusion, so that I may know

Who I truly am




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