I Quit My Unrequited Love

Sat, 10/21/2017 - 00:17 -- homie25

From the moment you expressed your fondness of Ted, Robin, Barney, Lily, and Marshall

I knew that I loved you.

Your single chin hair, graciously sitting upon your dimple,

The pair of Timbs that you wear every day, and

Your sly smile and amorous stare.

Everything about you.


We’ve skyped for hours on end,

Falling asleep to one another’s voice.

We’ve shared all our deepest secrets

And you constantly drizzle me with compliments.


I am merely your friend.

The way you make me laugh says otherwise.


When we first kissed

It wasn’t because you wanted to

It was because we were the lead roles in the school play.

It was supposed to be a tap on the lips.

Simply your lips pressed against mine.

But you picked me up by the waist, sat me on a wobbly table, moved your body close

All the while embracing my lips.

You can’t tell me that it didn’t mean anything.


I was always next to you--

Your shadow, watching your every move, 

Making sure all the girls knew that you were mine.


Yeah, that's right, mine. 


You weren't mine at all.


Because I love you,

I let you tell me all about your new girlfriend.

How she is short and sweet,

And like a stick of pale Orbit gum with licorice hair,

She illuminates your smile.


Your friend told me that you confided in him

You told him that you DID like me

But you were afraid

Afraid. Afraid. Afraid.

Afraid to ruin our friendship.

Because I love you,

I haven’t asked you if what your friend said is true

It is an unsolved mystery

And the clues are hidden far too well.


I rolled the dice and

expressed my love to you twice

I would have given any price.

You were pretty concise.


Because I no longer love you, I support your relationship

Because I no longer love you, you are my confidant

Because I no longer love you, I treat you as a brother

Because I love you, I see that, like Barney and Robin, we are better off as friends.


Because I love you,

I no longer love you. 

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