I Promise

If life were made of roses and honey suckle

I would make sure that you would never hurt a knucle

I understand that one day I must let you go

But before you leave I really want you to know

God gave you to me so it my job to protect you

How you would change my life...my gosh who knew...

I am not the brightest apple in the bunch

But I will never forget to pack your lunch

I will always wipe your tears away when you cry

Because a mother's love would never die

I will be the very best that I can

So that I can help you to become a great man

There are some cycles that most be broken

So it will start with me so that they are unspoken

I pray for you every night

Because without you I don't know what I would do in this thing called life

You gave me meaning and hope

I can't let you down because you give me hope.

I will be a success because you look up to me

I want you to point and say that is how I want to be

But what you want is what matters the most

So on my scout;s honor I pray to always be a ghost

A dust in the wind is what I will be

I'll stand on the sideline and watch you grow bumblebee

You'll be allowed to be your own person in life

Just remember that whenever you lay down at night

I am your mother and I will always be here

If my heart is still beating then I am always near




For Jermaine Lamar Stephens Jr. Feb.11,2013


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