I Pray for You

To all the women

who are seen as a treachery,

faced with this lifelong prison,

the inescapable memory

of the pain inflicted by men.

I pray for you. 


I pray that you 

find the strength 

to push trhough 

this moment of eternity's length. 

This time is not smooth

but you have the perseverance.


To all the men

who think this is THEIR right to choose,

to make this unimaginable decision,

then FUCK you!


To these entitled ass holes,

I pray for you.

I pray you take on the role

of the gentlemen that is long overdue.


Until this unbareable decision

pertains to those with a DICK, 

then these politicians 

need to stop being PRICKS.


It's time to stand up 

for her silenced voice.

Vote out the corrupt 

so she can make her own choice.


For the women who are told

that this is your fault,

I'm here to say you cannot be controlled.

HE chose to assault

so push through this threshold.

They jump to this default, 

because they fear what may enfold.


I'm here to say

That honey I'm here for you.

Push on through this day

because there is so much to pursue.

And although you may not feel okay, 

remember that I pray for you. 

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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