I pledge allegianceto the United

I pledge allegiance

to the United States of America

to this nation


with liberty and justice for –



not for all.


I sit in school


the other students drone – thoughtless –

echoing words they have spoken their entire life,

looming over me,

judging me for refusing to stand.

I don’t stand

I can’t stand

                   all the lies.


‘I approve of gay marriage’ they say

‘look at me:’ they say

              ‘I have a rainbow bracelet’

              ‘I have a token gay friend’

they scream

              ‘I am a Good Person’



I hate ‘gay marriage’.

why call it gay marriage?

       is it any different?

I will say (I do).

I will wear white.

I will leave in a rain of rice.

Gay marriage does not exist

it is marriage.


I am human I am

I am different I am unnatural

pick one.


equality = the same

the same rights

the same love

the same.


I am gay I am.

but gay is not me:

I like books I like sports

                                    That is me.

I have a family

and friends

and a


They know me for         



I will pledge allegiance to


when something pledges allegiance

                                                      to me.


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