I Owe My Life To You

"Good Monday morning, sunshine!"
I bark at you from the side of the bed.
"It's not that early, honey."
Your curly hair swallows your head.

"You're going to sleep the day away!"
"Good, I hope it goes."
"Silly, you don't mean that,
get up and touch your toes."

"Look, I made you breakfast!"
My voice shines like the morning sun.
"I am too sleepy to be hungry."
Your small voice hides in a blanket made bun. 

"If you don't eat your waffles, I will."
The hot syrup melts the butter while I wait.
"You're getting a visit from the tickle monster."
I see a small smile curve your sleepy face.

My reason for getting out of bed
is only seven years old.
I hurry out to start the truck.
I do not want her to be cold.

You saved me from the dreary rain
that came out of my soul.
I find myself in your tired eyes.
You remind me that I am whole.

"Have a good day at school, darling."
I yell from the driver's seat.
I am the protector of my whole world.
Little sister, you make me complete.

There's never going to be another
who can change me the way you do.
Tiny child, my whole world,
I owe my life to you.

This poem is about: 
My family


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