I Once Knew a Girl


United States

I once knew  a girl

Who had wonder in her eyes

And a big heart that made up 

For her diminutive size.


We did everything together,

Laugh, smile, and cry.

We did everything together, 

Just she and I.


But then one day

She didn't come 'round.

The girl that I loved was

Nowhere to be found.


And then one day

Just as quickly as she left,

She came back to me

And I was no longer bereft.


And on that day

When she did return, 

I asked where she'd been.

¨It's none of your concern¨.


This change was unexpected,

Quite out of the blue

And made me ask,

¨What happened to you?¨


But then what she gave

Was a smile and a wink

And was back to herself

Before I could think.


But as the months passed

Again she stopped showing up.

I got tired of looking

And so I gave up.


And on that day 

I changed a bit

I was never the same 

After the realization hit.


My clothes turned black upon

Geting dressed in the morning

And I was told I dressed

As though always in mourning.


And in a way, I was,

For what they could not see

Was that the girl I once knew

was actually me.


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