I Need You


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Your absence causes my mind to run, 

my feet be still,

and my heart to jump


Temporary happiness is settling for what is present

The pain of patience can linger here and there, but as long as you're gone I will forever be in agony


My heart in your hands,

an unsteady beat,

for the caretaker may forget 

that it never stops beating,


Silence kills my ears, yet my thoughts are screaming

expressing love that may be gone

yet eternal perspective, I am still alone


Your beauty caught my eye,

Your voice said hello

My heart followed

My mouth couldn't move

yet my heart, my heart is what spoke for me

You’re different

You’re beautiful

My love, you shall never know, but what if you never will know? 


Is this in vain? Is the pain of letting go to hard

Well if pain is what is needed then pain is what I shall endure

I hurt

but not deadly,

I am lonely

but not alone.


A wind without sound, and tree without bark,

A bare mind in hand, yet it is still a bit dark

when I see light, I think of you


but then go back to a room in the shadows unmarked


Words unspoken, hearts left untouched,

feelings held back

letting go for now, is needed in the present

but a future without you, is a road of deception.

I need you

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