I Need You


283 N. Smoketree Ave. Rialto CA
United States
34° 6' 8.2548" N, 117° 23' 55.572" W

Give me your eyes 

So I can see

Much more than this disguise 

Much more than sensibility


Imperfection eclipsed by glory

I realize now

Hiding and fronting

Is what I am about


Always drowing in worry

Anxious for no good reason

But there was no need to hurry

I had found Jesus

I am a hypocrite

I do not display

My faith I contradict

Because I contain hate

I hate attitude

Problems that cause fear

I forget the latitude

Relationship that is near

Faith, Hope, and Trust

All factors that I must adjust


Again I tell myself

Change, please do

But then again

All I need to say is "I Need You"

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