I Need to Take a Stand


The world is completely broken

I need to take a stand

I need to cease the joking

Put forth a helping hand


Grades are seriously low

Children are getting high

Those kids still need to grow 

I should stop asking why.


This 12 year old is pregnant

Her friend is sending nudes

Their outcomes aren't pleasant

Their future's surely doomed.


A 1 year old is swearing

A 3rd grader just got raped

This is the point I should really start caring!

Because this system isn't great!


Adolescents are smoking and drinking

With commercials egging them on

This is the point I need to start thinking

That these corruptions need to be gone!


A helpless girl is cutting

Because her friend has just passed

I can not keep on running

From the issues that can not last.


Stop passing this off to others!

Its time to take a stand!

I will help to be the driving force that will uncover

The demons infesting this land.


Our world is seriously broken

I have to give advice

My thoughts need to be spoken

Or the kids will pay the price.


I will help bring this world back together

One little piece at a time

There's no mount'n I can not weather

I just need to start the climb.


Need to talk?

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