I Need My Best Friend

How could you leave me alone,
In a state that was never considered home?
You left without saying goodbye,
What a cliché way to die.


You were my friend; we fought, we laughed.
How sad, it's now all in the past.
I'm living a future you're no longer in,
But I'm in denial, this has to be pretend.


This can't be real, you can't be gone.
You wouldn't leave me, that would be wrong.


Suicide ...


How could that have been the answer?
You were a son, a brother, a friend.
You can't be gone, you can't be dead.


You took part of me with you,
The day I heard, I broke in two.
Sometimes I'm afraid I'm no longer alive.
It's so hard to look into your mother's eyes.


I understand though. I do. 
I don't always blame you.
How can I? You did the thing I could never do.


I guess two minds thought alike, but one made the first move.


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