I Need Money


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My mom is a teacher and does what it takes
But very little money does she make.
She works hard to make little lives better
Helping me along too is like playing a double-header.

My dad is a fire fighter and danger is the game.
But his pay, like Mom’s, is pretty much the same.
He will risk his life to save others
All the while working for mine and my brother’s.

My parents have a passion for what they do.
In my life I want a passion for my work too.
I know they have a dream for my higher education,
But finding the money has become quite a fixation.

Money is a key and the budget is tight.
And with thousands of applicants, it can be a fight
To find a helping hand and to clear a path,
Without facing a student loan’s wrath.

Any scholarship would make a huge difference,
In my education and the affordance.
For my parents it would help ease the strain
With a family budget that often circles the drain.

It would take me one step closer to my goal
Without putting me in a financial hole.
It would help my dream of being a scientist come true
Maybe one day saving the world with a great breakthrough.

My life is a slate, new and clean,
I’m ready to write my story starting with the college scene.
I would have a most grateful heart
For helping me get off to a wonderful start.


Niamani Dumont

I like this poem a lot it really explains the struggle most people have and endure-top work.

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