I need feminism


United States
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I need feminism because of men in suits and ties,
pushing blank legislation with slanted lies,
swinging their heavy gavels on my uterine lining,
policing and criminalizing any hope left shining.
I need feminism because of the scare tactic stereotype,
warning women that only hairy, fat lesbians care about their rights.
Because while not every feminist is hairy, gay or fat,
some are hairy, fat lesbians, and what’s wrong with that?
I need feminism because of sexist dress codes in school.
Because why care about teaching boys in muscle tanks not to drool
over the same obviously sexual shoulder flesh
they’re exposing when girls can be policed by how they dress?
I need feminism because the seventy-seven cents earned to a man’s dollar
won’t cover a cheeseburger at McDonald’s, but hollers
in the same workforce of sexual harassment will be met with apathetic sighs.
Inconveniences don’t matter unless they happen to Chromosome Y’s.
I need feminism because being taught “don’t get raped” instead
of “don’t rape” assigns the blame to victims, not their fed
on “boys will be boys” ideology attackers, ninety-seven percent
who will never see a day behind bars and ninety-nine percent men.
 I need feminism because I am not a uterus on legs,
attached to an iron, a vacuum, and a dishrag for wiping up coffee dregs.
in current society, however, I am body parts lacking
autonomy under Mad Men-esque legislation seriously slacking.
I need feminism because the word no has lost all its meaning,
being respected less and less, to be seeming.
in fact, pre-existing boyfriends are the only refusals accepted,
but it’s not a real issue unless another man is affected.
The real reason I need feminism is because one simple fact:
I am still being asked why I buy into that.


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