I Need A Favourable Answer

I would like to ask you a few questions before you go.
Suppose we had met in a different circumstance,
Would I have had a better chance to get you?
If I had told you about my feelings for you before,
Would it have made any difference?
And if you had a hunch that I loved you from the start,
How would you have handled the situation?
Have you not noticed my joy when I am with you?
I want to be certain where I stand with you.
Tasha, I hope I am not stepping out of line.
I want you to be more than just my schoolmate.
Is it possible for me to win your love one day?
Am I completely wrong to think you love me too?
I need a favourable answer tonight.
Nevertheless, take your time, do not rush things.

It’s normal to have a lust for someone of the opposite sex,
Especially someone with whom you spend much time.
I’ve had these feelings for you all along.
We study together for exams when nobody else is around.
And sometimes we get very close.
Tasha, you should not only say I am a nice person.
You should have sleepless nights thinking about me.
I want you to blush when I speak to you,
And be nervous when you are in my presence.
You should be infatuated with me and lose your appetite.
I have been hoping and waiting for a miracle,
But I do not know if or when it is going to happen.
Tasha, I wish you would laugh and say,
“I wanted you to tell me these things long ago.”
Then stretch out your cuddly hands and hug me,
And close your eyes and answer me with a fiery kiss.


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