I Misunderstood

The most beautiful lady refused my love.
I saw her looking at me provocatively.
My heart leapt when I beheld such beauty.
She showed signs of affection for me,
And I was anxious to speak to her.
I was confused and bound to fall in a trap.

I introduced myself to her,
And she told me her first name.
My confidence was too high,
So I asked her out on a date.
I didn’t think she’d turn down my request,
But I was wrong about everything.

My wild emotion led me falsely.
I thought the lady had a crush on me.
On the contrary, she said no.
She shattered my hope of becoming her suitor.
I felt so dejected and incomplete.

Her response gave me a sad feeling.
She didn’t feel the same way about me.
It’s pity she couldn’t see my heart.
She tore it apart unintentionally.
I’d collect the bits and pieces,
But I just don’t know where to start.

Perhaps she thought I insulted her intelligence,
But that idea didn’t come up in my mind.
She might’ve stayed a little longer,
But she left when I told her I love her.
I felt ashamed when she shook her head.

She only wanted friendly conversation.
I misunderstood the whole thing.
My rash attempt resulted in embarrassment.
I took the wrong approach to love.
Next time I’ll try to be more tactful.


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