I Miss You Kid

There are times when I miss being a kid

Where I touched the cracks on the pavements that I walked past by

Where everything around me wasn't secluded, but I had a way to escape

Whenever I look at a child, they stare at me with such curiosity

Their angelic smiles lead me to a place I knew somewhere before

When I miss it, I let my inner - child be released, you see, society pushes it

Those braces that hold my teeth, only want it straight

not a hint of crooked- ness

But everybody's little kid inside them, needs some love

as the the psychologist Says

Sitting on the swing with mama, I tell her, "Can I stay longer?"

Everytime we go higher, I feel as if I can reach for the sky

The only person who will worry whether my hair goes pale is mama

Because she tells me to pull out the white stars

from her midnight black sky

And these flowers that are

slowly dieing in front of my home

will soon be awake If I REMEMBER to keep it nurtured

if I remember they are also a kid

Blooming beautifully

growing vibrantly

Dieing with torture

perishing in dust

These little smiles from endearing children

light up in anything

When it comes to possessions

I get anxious

What about the blooming wildflowers

the smitten kisses

For the bare feet to run in the grass

can take you wherever you want to go

If you let it..

So much life is inside you..

Get out, chuckle, giggle, chase

bee free

BEE free




I wouldnt trap myself here if I were your age today..

For I miss school 

I miss the hair that can bounce

Let the wind soar your spirits as you gain freedom

when you Learn to feel

learn to hug... Because computer screens and video games won't kiss you But mama, she will..

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