I Made It Out Alive

When I was little,

I fought dragons in the backyard. 

I had fashion shows in the living room

that sometimes resulted in diva drama and cat fights with my big sister.

And when I learned to ride a bike, I had my fair share of scraped up knees and elbows.

But no matter how many times I fell, cried, or screamed, I always got back up.

I always kept going.

And I made it out alive.


A few years later,

My dad was arrested for drinking and driving.

My brother got angry.

My mom got depressed.

And I cried and prayed on the couch that was my bed

And waited for it to get better.

But even on the hardest day,

I always kept going.

And I made it out alive.


In middle school,

I was bullied by my teacher

Because music kids are always picked on

And how dare I be in band.

I got mad and defensive.

I took it out on my friends.

I lost them.

Out of fear I lost myself too.

But as it always does,

Time went on,

And even though I was all alone,

I always kept going,

And I made it out alive.


When I was a freshman in high school,

My brother's anger grew to be unbearable.

He took it out on mom and me.

My sister left for college.

My depression got the best of me.

I moved out.

I cried every day for almost a year.

I hated myself.

I wanted to die.

But even when I couldn’t get out of bed,

And even though the scars will always be there,

I always kept going.

And I made it out alive.


And throughout time,

Through the heartbreak and hell that every teenager deals with,

Through breakups and lost friends and not making the team or the squad or the cast.

Whatever will upset you or make you feel unworthy or not good enough.

Remember to keep going.

Get up.

You are good enough.

You are not alone.

You will make it out alive.


Because two months from today I will graduate high school.

And four years ago,

I wouldn’t have believed you,

If you had told me I would live to see graduation day.

But I kept going.

I always kept going.

And as I walk across the stage to get my diploma,

With tears inevitably running down my face,

With my hands shaking like the earthquake that will be racing through my body,

I will tell myself,

with the confidence that this life has taught me,

I did it.

I made it out alive.

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