I Made It Home

I Made It Home 

I swig my spirits up on high 
I hold on to love like a silk white dove ,
I maintain holding on to Jehovah's name.
The night grown longer
And the heart is growing founder 
into a deep sleep
slowly sink. 
The darkness closes around my eyes
and I start to dream of Paradise 
I felt like a beautiful bride standing in the light,
deeper and deeper I become deeper in love,
I see faces of my own beloved .
I cry out with joy 
Holding on to my young of my lost 
A little boy 
A little girl 
And all the old I known of long ago 
My dad 
My brother 
My grandson Jesse 
My little girl Hope 
Had said I am glad you made it home 
Oh how my heart jump with happiness, 
Beautiful colors of shaded green 
Beautiful blue sky
Everything nice to my eyes
so vivid
so bold
but never cold
The images dance and swirl around with glory 
Doves flying around me 
quickly  I run with all my loved ones 
before my time is finally done
I held each and everyone 
I given my love 
And now it was time for me to wake up 

Lilly Emery 


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