I l*ve you

I love you I love you tooForever?Forever PromiseHe walked me to my class Kissed my innocent lips He was late to classI got out and there he was Smiling happy He had practice after school I waited He texted mePractice was terrible, againHe was madKeep trying it'll get better It can only get better It takes time Things don't happen over night Just keep trying I waited by his locker He was already in classI saw him at lunch I love you I love you tooI love you more I love you most Lunch with him was weird His hands on me everywhere People walked byI asked him to stopHe didn't I felt embarrassed He didn't care He had practice I waited As usualPractice was terrible, againIt'll get better Don't give up Give it time I asked to meet at the library He was busy I saw him before fifth periodI love you I love you tooI love you more I betHe had practice He was mad againDon't worry you'll get better I'll send you what you want Please don't be mad He was happy Being alone with him was weirdHe reached downI told him not toHe didn't care I told him people could see He kept his hands there I told him to stop He wouldn't listen I love you I'm scaredI love youI love you tooPractice was torture, it wouldn't get better he saidDon't be mad Calm down please It's ok You'll improve I won't I'll send it to you Please don't be mad Please don't scare me He was happy I smiledI saw him in the morning he winked I didn't like itI love you I love you tooI love you more I smiled He said he was busy He would text me laterHe had a lot going on I would still be there He texted me that same weekday I had waited I love you I can't Can't whatBe with you I love you I don't Don't say that I love you Im sorry I love you too Send me it I sent it I love you I love you tooBeing alone with him wasn't weird He touched me Places people could see Places people couldn't seeI didn't say anything I let it happenI love you I stayed silent I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you too I can't be with you You hurt me Give it time It'll get better Things take time I'll keep practicing I love youI lay in bedHe touched me I let him He was mad I did what he wanted He stayed He controlled me He didn't talk He wasn't him I wasn't her I love you I'm sorry     

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