I LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT (From Kast Away: Beauty and the Beast was done by a Rapper)

Started off with butterflies every single time,

 I gave you a rose and my heart you put me in the line

But then I turned into a beast and I started going wild,

And now I'm sitting while I'm watching you without a smile

White dresses and butterflies my stomach turning.

I try to manage my emotions but my heart is burning.

I turn around I look at you and I see you stop,

 You turn around and look at me then my heart drops.

I'm looking deep into your eyes and I just think you know,

I ain't the only one that never really let it go.

You dropped your flowers and ran with your tears falling,

I follow you because in your heart I can hear you calling

I grab your wrist and then I ask you while you didn't stay,

You look me deep into the eyes then I heard you say

I don't like you the way you like me just to let you know

I look down I hold my tears, and let your hand go

I still care for you no matter what you say

Thats why feelings for you it will never fade

But I will always promise to be there for you

Its just because I don't like you, But I love you.

I can't get my mind straight to give the words to say

Because your beauty its so amazing it got in my head


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Well said
It takes courage to be vulnerable in expressing your emotions
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