I love you... my Hershey bar


Melt in my mouth delicious

How I love your savory flavor
The way you sit on my tongue
Caressing my mouth 
With love and care
The carefully engraved tattoo
Sitting directly in your middle
Lets me know that its only you
That its the real you
And not some imposter
Always trying to be you 
But never succeeding
Your fun-size ways
Never seems to fulfill
They can't seem to fill
Your king-sized shoes
But even your king-sized shoes 
Look small compared to your
Giant perfections
I like others 
But no one else 
Can come between me and you
The love we share is 
Sweeter than honey
Better than money
Greater than him
Greater than her
This love just simply can't be compared
This love is so complex
I wouldn't wanna be without you
Ever... You are the best
My baby
My lover
My honey 
My shooting star
My honey
My lover 
My baby
My Hershey bar


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