I Love You (I Just Want You To Know)



I like you, but is that true?

No, I love you sounds better. 

"I love you."

These are the three words I wish I could say to you.

But what if I'm wrong? What if I'm mistaken?

What if I get rejected? I don't want my heart breakin'!

I know I'm a coward, I know that I am living in fear, but I love you so much--

I just want to be next to you, I want to hold you so dear... 

So dearly.

Instead of saying those never-to-be-spoken words to you, I just write this poem,

Hoping you can come and see me through.

Though, I know that may be impossible,

Since you will always love another girl,

But I just want you to know that...

that I Love You.


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