I love you (Cliche I know)

I love you.
I know I've said this about 1,000 times, but I want you to always remember that.
There's so much embedded in those three words when I say them to you. I don't think you realize the weight of them.
You don't realize the nights I've cried myself to sleep thinking how much I wished I was dead. There's so much harm I've put my body through. All the times I've taken a blade to my skin or put my fingers down my throat trying to avoid feeling disgusting. I've done a lot that I wish I could take back.
Then you came into my life and I'll admit I'm not 100% healed. But you keep me going. You give me hope. I didn't know I could ever love someone the way I love you. You opened a door for me that I didn't realize was there. The door that could let me see that maybe I am beautiful and that not everyone is temporary.
I love you. Remember that.

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