I love you because you're you

I love you in the morning,

your hair a mess and your breathe smelly 

your eyes i love to get lost in 

gently blinking away the remnants of sleep.

i love you when you think no one is looking 

 your eyes twinkling with excitement 

as you laugh so hard you wheeze

Your teeth you hate but i love so much showing. 

I love you when your gentle and calm 

Like a spring shower

gently showering me in your affection 

so happy and at ease,

fitting into my arms 

as if you were made for them.

but i also love you when you're angry 

a summer storm 

so frighteningly beautiful,

words thundering in my heart

causing a twister of emotions in my fragile being.

i love you because you are not perfect,

you're messy and irrational, 

and quick to place the blame on anyone

I love you and you imperfections

because that's what love is


a spring shower turned into a vicious storm

Dangerously beautiful 

like you

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