I Love You Like

I love You Like…….

I love you like I love hunting

The golden corn stalks full of frost

And the power you feel when holding a gun

While hunting you may have a dog with you

Dogs love belly scratches 

And guinea pigs love snuggles

Not to mention the cows licking you all up with that big tongue

Cows like bathing in the lake

That's where I go to relax and show off my fishing skills

While I’m fishing I will see the pesky squirrels bothering me

But their fuzzy little tails make me giggle

My giggles are also caused by the way you look at me

The way you tell me to man up 

Or the fact that you brush my hair as you tell me everything will be ok

Like a mothers hug you bring me comfort

The home-cooked meals that mom makes out of love for you

Food like cookies, brownies, and pasta

Pasta and meat is something we both love to eat

We both love the memories made on dirt roads

And we both can agree that sunsets are the prettiest

The colors that are placed into the sky

And the stars that we shared together during a summer night by a fire

Not to mention the stories and memories shared by that fire

We might not like the same colors 

But we like the same kind of movies

But most importantly

We both love each other

And we both like animals

That's why I love you like I love hunting

By Casidy Baumgartner


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