I love you...

I love watching you grow and become the amazing individual that you are,

I love watching you become independent and learn from your experiences,

I love how we can tell each other anything but also allow each other privacy because we understand that somethings are personal,

I love the way we motivate each other to do our best like that time we made that bet to see who would get a higher GPA. You won but I was so proud,

I love the way talking to you feels, not forced, not obligated, just natural.

I love that you’re my best friend.

I love that you respect every decision I make,

I love that you listen to what I say,

I love listening to you,

I love how our talks are not just about us but the world, politics and anything going on,

I love how comfortable we are with other, which is why I do silly stuff around you like that bunny face,

I love how we learn from each other.

I love the way we laugh with and at each other,

I love that we both understand that we do not complete each other but instead add on to each other,

I love that we are honest to each other, 

I love the way we are able to communicate our issues,

I love that I can trust you like I trust my sister,

I love how mature we are but allow ourselves to be immature and act like children,

I love our privacy and how we make sure that not every detail of or relationship is out there,

I love that or relationship is not modeled by what we see on social media, but based on us,

I love knowing that I’m not convincing myself to love you, I just do.

Agradezco todo lo que haz hecho por mi y quiero seguir siendo la persona que te apoya en caul quiera hora.

Porque te quiero.

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