I Love You

Mon, 12/28/2015 - 14:57 -- Latiaaa

I Love You

Your name will be unspoken,
But know it's about you.

Coconut butter kisses that give you love and blisses
Dwell on me heavy as my heart vigorously beats steady.
I push passed the painful past but still plumet,
I love you, goddammit.

I'm played out, anxious, and
Sad because you don't see me
Sad because you don't hear me
Sad because you're the humming in my veins while I'm just the dust on your fingertips.
I love you, goddammit.

There's no darker place than my moonless midnight thoughts.

Love will either break you or destroy you.

Warm bloodshot tears tickle my cheeks.
You give me headaches that reach to my peaks.
Your scandalous words burn my ears,
Yet I still continue to listen
I love you, goddammit.

I don't know what we are sometimes…

These pinpoint needle emotions are sharp in my lungs it makes it hard for me to breath.
I suppose I should let it go,
But I love you, goddammit.

Explaining why I love you,
Is like explaining the taste of water.

My love for you is like a exquisite melody,
Only the lyrics are distorted.

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