I love you

I’m falling hard, flat on the ground

My heart and soul broken beyond repair

I don’t want to move, I don’t want to live

I feel so sad and lonely without you

I wish I could just fade away like a leaf in the wind

To fly away like a bird in the sky

To forget the pain like the fallen snow

To embrace you one more time

To tell you I Love You

Now you are gone and I am here alone without you

I can’t breath from all the pain I feel inside my heart

But just remember I will always Love You

I will remember the times we said “I Love You”

I will cherish the times we’d embraced

I will never forget the Love we felt together

I will never forget how safe I felt when I was in your arms

Even though you are gone and I am here without you

I will always Love You

I will remember you till the end of time

And when I see you again I will hug you and say “ I Love You”

But for now I’ll wait to see you once more

Till then I will never forget your laugh or your smile

I will cherish every memory I have of you

Till then,

I Love You.


This poem is about: 
Our world



I wrote this to trying to give from for the pain everyone feels when you lose someone close to you.

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