I Love U So

I just woke up today with something I  have to say

It seems there's no other way...

I remember the first day when we first met

I was left with plenty of desire and fire never once thought of any regrets

Nothing less was on my mind but you, the sparkle in your eyes, the embers buring in my chest

At first I thought of only the worse I was so nervous hardly I ever say that because I'm too headstrong of a person

But I was emersed with loving you so much that hurts my interal organs

The woman of my life is standing in front of me, future is ahead of me, beside the organ, and the best man

Whoa, I'm getting ahead of myself but I want to rekindle more than just a little

So when ask, "Are you blushing?" I play it off just a little

Too machismo, too unwilling to let myself go say I love you so

So much so I don't know how to let you know without writing songs or poems

I'm so lovestruck it's scary yet I'm awestruck, hard to imagine us not together

Under the weather, give you my rainjacket when you don't have your umbrella

That's how much I treasure you and anything that you do

The way you move, cook food, help guide me through my issues

Everyday hour I'm not around you I say, "I miss you"

So now that we're here let me do more than just kiss you

Becuase I love you so much so that I wouldn't want to know how to die alone

So let's stay home, and we both raise the pheromones

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