I Love Lucy

Wed, 10/24/2018 - 23:01 -- L_G

Growing up and hearing my parents fighting
Doors slam, voices raise, I see things in a different lighting
My innocence shielded me from the pain, acting as an army
Until eleven years of age when my world collapsed around me
Do I quiver? Do I fight back? What to do.
I took the beatings, I took the mental abuse all for you
For nine years my innocence shattered as I took the pain
Until one day I had enough, I moved out and let others take control of my brain
Things were meant to get better, but false hope and blind trust draped
Over the truth as I was neglected, starved, and raped
For two and a half months the wolf in sheep’s clothing ravaged through
My body and soul, and I began to wonder— who will come to my rescue?
Every day I screamed for a God to help me end my suffering
Every day I awoke dirty, emaciated, and felt my death impending
One day my problems faced me head on and was forced to react
As the last wall that was suppressing my suffering cracked
I could only see black as I felt the blood streaming from my arms
As death was coming to claim me I felt the embrace of my mom’s
Arms as she swooped me up and saved me from my demise
She nourished me slowly and helped soothe the pain in my eyes
She helped me trust and feel loved again, showing the good in the world
She helped me heal as the demons inside me quarreled
Although I’m alive, well fed, and a survivor
I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you my dearest mother

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My family
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