I love the Idea of Love

Every Christmas movie you watch its about love

I love you 

You love me

but is it real love.

if it was we would know right.


Love is what gets us out of bed

Showing kindness is a form of love.

But when will I feel actual love?

I might say I love you but do I mean it?

Why is it so hard to know?

Love, we say it carelessly

without consiquence.

little kids think they are in love

only if they knew it doesnt last.

Until they find that special person

Except sometimes that doesnt last.

Then if it doesnt last how do we know if its true love.

Love is what gets us out of bed right.

we do our hair and makeup.

we get dressed up.

we love life and everything around us. 

but only sometimes.

i thought love was suppose to be something thats always there

not soemtimes there

the only thing that doesnt change is how much we can love our family

family is never ending love.

So maybe we love the idea of love

maybe i love the idea of love.

This poem is about: 
My family


Destiney Stone

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