I love her


I should be able to walk down the street with my girlfriend.

I should be able to hold her hand without stares.

Why is there so much hate against us?

We didn't CHOOSE to love each other.

We found each other and fell in love.

Just because we both happen to be females, it doesn't make us any different.

Why do I have to listen to your discriminating, disgusting, bigoted words?

We live just like you; we work, we have a home, we do exactly what you do.

Why should I hide my love in public when you can flaunt yours around and it's accepted?

I shouldn't be afraid of people attacking me for being who I am, whether it's with words or physically.

I'm not a sinner for being in love.

LOVE shouldn't be hated on. 

Love is love and that's that!


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