I Lost Love

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 20:23 -- Jay-b89


Momma, do you love me

I mean, really, really love me

I ask you that question

well at least I did in my head

I was always too fearful to hear you say no

Momma, I lost love when I couldn't find it in you

You were too distant, too cold, too calculating,

much like the man i am today

the more I tried to convice myself you cared,

the less it seemed to matter to you

No food, locked out in the cold, holes in my shoes,

an even bigger hole in my heart

As i went searching for your love

you were out looking for someone to love you

Jon, I love you was all I wanted to hear

necessary reinfocement for a fragile teenager,

lost in the world, free-falling into destruction

Momma, will you save me, love me

teach me how to be a man

I know you don't love me, but please don't hate me

I know I look too much like my father

I smile like him, reason lke him, ready to explode just like him

Momma, I'm sorry I can't change who I am

but please, at least acknowledge me

You don't have to love me

just please, don't forget me

But you forgot me, and now I lost love

Please help me find it

I want it! I need it! Give it back!

Give me back your love so I can love another

Momma, please.


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