As I look into the mirror...


As I look into mirror, I see a girl but not just any girl--
a mix girl.
The colors of black and white.
As I look into the mirror, I see the past of my peoples.

On the left, I see riots, hear gun shots, smell smoke-- taste fear, and feel water being shot at my exhausted body.
On the right, I see beautiful houses, hear laughter, smell--cook outs, taste happiness but feel judgement and anger.

People look at me and see an abomination.
Seeing the child of heaven and hell.
But I don't see that. I don't see what others want to see.
I don't see what society has brainwashed us to believe.

As I look into the mirror, I see a girl not only a girl but me.
I see my past of accomplishments and failures.
If I were to be judge, judge me based on what I do and-- say.
Not the color of my skin.

Smile self because I'm looking into the mirror.


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