I live on fifth avenue

Thu, 08/15/2013 - 23:55 -- Yaz1396


  The streets become my home, from avenue to avenue I'd rome

I’m the man living on second avenue you see on your way to work

I’m the teen living on 66th street you see on your way to school

I’m the mother with a baby living at the corner of the block

I’m the person you see sleeping on the benches near the piers dock

I wonder how I got to the place I’m at today

I’d play back all the old memories from way back in the day

And it saddens me to rewind this tape in my mind

Because all I see is a younger me slowly deteriorating with time

Some things were out of my reach, my fingertips were an inch away

From getting a grip on the future that was slowly leaving me like a ship leaving bay

All I want is my childhood back

Maybe then I can renew myself, recharge all the vital life skills I lacked

The minority can deface the majority, you see

A man could scurry past me, not thinking to spare a dime or two

Because of the assumption that with this money I'll damage myself even more

Maybe visit a liquor store

But the sad thing is, that with that dime or two I could save every day,

  Maybe I could eventually save up enough to buy myself a place

The streets become my home, from street to street I’d rome  

From avenue to avenue I'd walk

From block to block I'd stroll

Until I get to my home

I am the man that lives on fifth avenue

And all I want is to be known.

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