i live

Sun, 05/03/2015 - 09:06 -- IT'S ME

I live for the little things


I’m not a thug or a gangsta

But I live to hear Tupac spit his illest lyrics

I’m not a mighty chocolate colored goddess

But I live to read the inspiration of Maya Angelou

I’m not the funniest person in the room, always tellin’ jokes

And making everybody laugh

But I live to see Robin Williams, Jeff Dunham, Dave Chappelle

And any other brave soul who has the courage to stand up in front

Of an audience and make a fool of themselves


I live for the success of the underdogs

Who were always told they’d never amount to nothin’

And then rub their fortune and success in the faces of

The people who told them they’d never make it


I live for the first day of every month

When the welfare comes

And I know I won’t have to be hungry again

At least for a few weeks


I live for the smell of strawberry wafers, mmmmmmm

I live for the days I can sit at the back of the city bus

And swing my legs

By myself

I live to eat chocolate chip cookies

I live for snow

I live to be with my friends

I live to eat chocolate chip cookies

I live to write and to read

I live to create

I live to laugh

I live to eat chocolate chip cookies

I live to eat ice cream on hot summer days

And I live for much more


I remember what I live for

When I feel myself giving into temptation

I remember what I live for

When I think I’m going to relapse


I know what it feels like to want to quit

I wouldn’t wish for anyone to give up

Even if you think you have absolutely nothing to keep you going

There is always something

Even if it’s just chocolate chip cookies

What do you live for?

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