I Know You Want Me

I know you want me.

I can tell by how you smile when I tell you a story.

If only you knew that I want you too;

I can just feel that what we have will never get boring.

But I know that if I just come out and say it,

it would sound like a demand.

So I just keep the suspense rolling

like a balloon that just escaped from your hands.

I know you want things to rush.

Its so many thoughts of us running through your head.

So just tell your mind to hush

because its frustrating to see

you piece together the things I've said.

I know you want me.

We beling together like the wind and the clouds.

Your body is so soft as you give into mine

and you took my hands as I lead us to a muted place,

but the music we mde was so LOUD!

We kicked it to the funk;

a fresh new flava'.

You don't have to stress because

I'm here to save ya'.

I know you want me.

You follow my footprints

Even when people tell you

I never really make sense.

But since

you want to hang, throw on your adidas.

and we can kick it old school like Anita...


You're not a hater,

but sometimes you get jealous

over the little things, like when I'm out with the fellas.

I think its cute when you're angry.

I even find it quite funny.

Because that's how I can tell that you want me.

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Our world
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