I Know You Are Out There


United States
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I know you are out there 
somewhere far away 
I just wish I could had told
you how much I truly love you ,
I just wish you had known 
how much I truly miss you
I careful think about all out
talks around the clock ,
Did any of our words run true 
or with it all a game we just 
played to get each others way, 
I just didn't know how to show
you what I was feeling inside 
I was to scared to show you 
but the damage is done 
our lives are on the run 
and my heart is all over the place,
all I do is talk to the moon
hoping you are talking to
on the other side like we use to,
I am determine to find a solution
on how to get past you 
but I just keep wondering do you
miss me to ?
At night when the stars beam in 
my room I start thinking of you  
praying to hold you .
Lilly Emery
You know who You are ..... 9-18-012


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