I know nothing of love.

I know nothing of love.

I am void

I am


by the brilliantly burning flames of passion

the glowing embers of a rupture 

the continuity of a sentence 

the most beautiful of fragments

the least tiresome of run ons.


do not know

the triviality of

a kaleidoscope of monarchs 

inhabiting the space of my stomach

the most desired discomfort

the overinflation of my vital organ

the catalyst to my respiratory function.


am unfamiliar to 

the merge of anatomical apparati

the discovery of a purpose

non-existent before.


can not fathom

whispered thoughts and unspoken needs

the boldness of a cryptic string.

I observe.

I am silenced.

I know nothing of love.

I do not know if I want to.

Surely all this irregularity

is a disruption to homeostasis.  

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