Life can be as grimy as dirt.

You can be the bane of a mothers existence.

You could be abandoned and left on the streets,

You can be a terrorized abused little kitten,

You could be the waste scraped off someone elses feet.


You could be the abused little girl who was told,

she was not of any worth,

Or you could be the bullied little boy,

who was pushed around for liking ponies and toys


Honestly any of these,


Garbage, bitch, shit.


Are things you could be.


Pushed, kicked, hit.



But whether these are you, whether its been done or said,


you can be, smiling and happy, with a raised head.


Because in the end.... 


You can be glamorous and colorful, alive and vibrant,


You could be unafraid and daring, dressing loud, not silent.


You can be beautiful and quirky, completely out of place.


You could be powerful and in charge, with the sweetest face.


I have been told I was garbage, and many things of the sort.




and thats my only retort. 


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