I knew you

I remember you

when you fell and scraped your knee 

when you sat in the sand and cried 

and I just sat beside you quietly

because you had the saddest face

that I'de ever seen.


I remember you

 back when your hair was long and black

and mine was short

Sliced strait above the gum you stuck in it 


Now your hair's short and blue as the sea

and your parents hate it

but it's still just as beautiful to me


I remember you 

when you said we'd be cute together 

and I thought so too 

but that didn't stop me from saying "ew"

because I was afraid you'd say it first 


I remember you 

Whispering ghost stories 

under the willow tree 

And talking about the other kids 

the ones we only wished we could be 


I remember you

When you seduced some older kids

into being our new friends 

when you took my little hand and said 

"don't ruin it" 


I remember you

When you asked if I was lonely 

when you told me to hide who I was

because the the other kids 

would only disown me 

But you wouldn't 


 I remember you 

You were the tallest tree 

you would grow and progress 

so far beyond me


I was a raging fire. 

You kept me alive,

but it wasn't without consequence.

I kept you warm for a while

but inevitably I burned your roots with my fire

and we both knew 


Your face was sad again

our conversation dwindled and drifted away


I knew you 

Better than I knew myself 

but I don't anymore 


I knew you, 

but the new girl

claimed to be your best friend 

and she was the one

who told me about your parents divorce

and your first kiss


I knew 

that once you would have told me first 

and that no stranger would ever have dared 

to claim to me 

that she was your best friend. 


I knew you 

but now I can't even look at you. 

Its been years 

but honestly, sometimes I still miss hugging you

I miss crying in your hair 

I miss eating fish sticks 

and the way you'd always swear at me 

and I miss sleeping on your floor 

and god knows some things have happened 

that I wish you could see. 

More than anything

I miss you.










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