I Kiss the Ground I Walk On,My Earth by AnaMaria King Hillsborough County ,Fl

I kiss the ground I walk upon.

To the dark rich loam I am drawn.

Hearing its doleful solemn pleas,

I fall in sympathy on knees.

No more to bear its sweet ripe fruit,

Buldozer waiting, metal brute.

Where once a fertile wheat field lay,

And golden fields waving with hay,

Where oaks grew strong by the bay,

And limbs of willow used to sway.

Now concrete parking lots will seal,

Beauty's deep aluring appeal.

No more will butterfly nor bird,

Will be seen in flight nor heard.


This poem is about: 
Our world



Remember the song,,,You can see from here to Hackney  marshes,,,?

Ana M King

 I can't recall that song.How does it go?

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