I keep the memories in a jar

I keep the memories in a jar

Where they fly around like fireflies

Lighting up the darkness in my soul

Showing the hole

Where you shot me down


The memories show too much

They reveal the depths of the wound

That I try to hide

Behind the walls of my heart

Protecting the damaged parts from you


I get lost in the lights

Every now and then

I dream of you and I

Back when the world was ours

Before you destroyed my being


I can’t go back to yesterday

You can’t stop this pain

I have to act like I don’t care

One false move

& I will be slaughtered


This is what I have become

This is the aftermath of the deed

I gave you the key to my world

You tossed it out

After you locked me in


Now these words are my only escape

You have taken everything else

Like a fool, I let you

This battle is your victory

But I won’t let you win this war


Someday you will receive your just desserts

And when that day arrives

You shall be shattered

Like I was

Then my pain shall be yours



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