I Just Wish I Could Have Warned You

I saw the stain on your shirt,
From where your poor heart had been bleeding,
I was surprised that no one else seemed to notice or care, so I took off
When I finally caught up to you, falling through air,
My wings were a little sore, but I kissed my finger and it started rubbing away,
At that little mark of memory that was hurting you,
You blinked and looked at me strangely, 
But still I took my hand and even bowed and I smiled, it was wonderful because
We never considered that I was a ghost of tomorrow.
And, looking back, I dearly wished I could have warned you
because you had just been received, and I 
Awakened, like when you lowered the ceremonial shied and said my name, 
With your head raised.
Or when I ran into fire to find you, shouting things of love and you called back smiling.
But, still one day I woke up to those dear sad eyes,
And, I had to leave you to sorrow with love; no stream of tears would take back that bullet
As you choked out sweet lies about our future.
I couldn’t quite see you through the coming sleep but I promise that I felt your hand around mine
You left your heart here at the edge of my bed,
And I ended up only adding to the stain that you bear, under cold armor
But we would never take it back, would we?
I just wish I could have warned you.
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This poem is dedicated to my father. 

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