I Just To Be Beautiful

The standards of society
There’s only but so much I can take
You say that everyone’s beautiful and to be myself
But the only acceptable version of me is totally different in your world than the one God intended to create
I want to believe they have my best interest at heart
But you see these diet supplements aren’t exactly the best way
So is there really a point in a world where I’ll always have too much or not enough weight?

But all I want is to be beautiful
From this mouth of mine
To the ears of my peers
A statement so vulnerable because it expresses so many fears
We push and pull in front of mirrors
Changing ourselves because we want someone to see us
Just to end up fake and falsified
A product of a mold made by doctors like veneers
Trapping what’s really inside so no one can hear us
And smothering us with society’s bubble until like the teeth underneath our spirits rot and disappear

But I don’t want to be like them
I don’t want to be a surgery sold to young girls through their tv screens
Like some Barbie doll, a toy
A model or an actor letting social media take my dreams and manipulate them to fit their ploy
No, I want to be me
The person I was born to be
Sprouting from the seeds my parents planted when they had me
Raised me, nurturing my spirit for the world to see
Yes, I want to look in the mirror
Gaze, admire
And see a beauty only confidence could inspire
While “I just want to be beautiful” is something that I’ve said
Today is the day I decide to no longer let their insecurities own real-estate in my head


This poem is about: 
Our world


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