I Judged A Book By It's Cover, And Called It Awesome

Drama, Horror, Mystery,

Children, Romance, History

Any genre of book is interesting,

Some even include audio for listening

As you read, your imagination comes to life

Especially when you’re alone in a quiet place at night

While you read and understand the scenarios

You envision people from your personal life that best complement the book’s characters


Think of reading a book as watching a movie in your mind

A movie that does not require a single dime

A movie that does not need a Netflix account

Or a trip to the movie theater to purchase a ticket at an expensive amount

Reading a book of wisdom is a form of becoming your own teacher

If you’re reading a book of religion, you then become your own preacher

A children’s book is a silent lullaby that puts a child to rest

Any book can act as your Nyquil; all things natural are the best


Reading books help you spend time by doing something productive

They expand your prior knowledge, depending on the subject

They help you learn about your past, and form ideas to enhance the future

Such as invent a new device that can permanently remove a tumor

Books are like conversations, the topics they hold are limitless

Some are written by comedians to tell jokes, while the ones written by others may be serious

The kinds of books that you read are a reflection of who you are,

A human being with intelligence, you are as bright as a shining star


Once upon a time, you were dying of boredom,

But you must always remember this, my friend

The power of reading books is as awesome as life itself

Because they inspire you to be better, THE END!

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