I, I am the Moon

Mon, 09/07/2015 - 22:32 -- KayGre

I am breathless
I rush from moment to moment
From class to class
From someone who hears me
To someone who listens
I am broken
I spill my secrets at the slightest show of interest
I kiss strangers on the mouth
I whisper poems to my dog at midnight
Sometimes he wags his tail but usually
He just gets up and leaves
I am timid
He asks me to repeat myself four times
I blush and say never mind
He calls me sweetheart and I
Frown into my palm
I am hopeful
I tell myself each tomorrow will be better
I name my next five pets
I make plans for next month and say
I'll actually keep them this time
I am brave
I write my fears into vaguely shaped poems
I tell a stranger I like her dress
I raise my hand first and then I
Don't hesitate to speak

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