As I hurt,I Iook away


United States
39° 57' 6.6204" N, 82° 47' 19.104" W

You see me from miles away,
your eyes piercing my heart til day.
As your energy approaches me into the night,
I run away with all my might, but silly I, just misunderstood.
The sheer steel rubs my skin like sweet sickle honey maplewood.
A flow that repeats itself is medley, but you look me in the eyes and it becomes deadly.
As I become filled with anguish, I look away, sadly hoping and praying to god for a better day.
You leave with a very sick accomplishment, But I remain with suicidal thoughts and a deadly mind.
The cops will ask, and I will only say, I looked away.

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Poem based on strong emotion and a lost mind.

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